What’s with the name “The Baobab Project?”

The Baobab Project conceptually centers around the magnificent
structure of the baobab tree.  “Familiar with the baobab tree?”  
“Sure you are.”  Singing….

“Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase  

Hakuna Matata, ain’t no passing craze

It means no worries for the rest of your days”

The scene immediately before this infamous song that we all know
in the Lion King, is of the wise and omniscient baboon Rafiki in his
humble abode—the baobab tree.  “See, I told you that you were
familiar with the baobab tree.” Anyways, the tree is also known as
the tree of life, and the upside down tree in other instances.  The
upside down tree because without leaves the tree appears as
though God himself uprooted the tree by its roots and left it there
that way to stand.  The baobab tree is also referred to as the tree of
life because the lifespan of the tree in many cases cannot be
counted, and in other cases the tree lives over a thousand years.  
The baobab tree is superb in lifespan and infrastructure.  The
baobab tree stands anywhere between 5 and 30 meters up, 7 to 11
meters wide.  Even more enchanting is the root system:  The roots
of the baobab tree are wedged and secured deep into the earth
another 20 to 50 meters down.  

“Are you grasping the dimensions of this awe-inspiring creation?”   

The roots during the wet season absorb up to 100,000 liters of
water to endure the dry season.  The perpetuated cycle in part
enables the tree to live thousands of fruitful years.  “For all of my
health conscious people, the fruit it bears is a superfood, we
encourage you to check it out.”

Besides supporting efforts as an organization to make the baobab
tree famous, the tree is its own phenomena—we just promote and
thematically build around it!  Moreover, when you truly become
aware of the tree and all of its components there is a lot to be
learned and emulated individually and collectively of the baobab
tree.  As an organization we not only celebrate the success of each
child and parent that we work with, but we take great pride in
nurturing the roots—the parts of each individual that we cannot see;
to build outstanding character that the world can readily observe “….
deeply rooted in success.”

What are the objectives of the organization?

The Baobab Project’s goal is to foster a commitment to young
people especially, that will promote strong interpersonal skills,
high self-esteem, competency, optimal health, and (re)assert hope
in measurable outcomes.

Through coaching and personal relationship a sense of individual
responsibility can be (re)established that will give youth the
commitment to follow through on the pursuit of the path of
becoming a more whole being with a sense of pride and
accomplishment by using the sport of basketball as a primary tool.

The Baobab Project coaching programs pair youth with a
mentor/coach through the platform of basketball; training sessions,
camps, seasonal teams, clinics, workshops, and, or programs.  
During that time the mentee/student-athlete participate in planned
activities to strengthen their person.  Coaches/mentors receive
continuous training throughout the year and participate in weekly
meetings to report mentee/student athlete progress.
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The Baobab Tree
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