It's just the facts
Are the program training
packages that low in price?
Yes! Here is why. Here at the
Baobab Project we believe our
greatest reward is in the
prosperity of our youth all over
the world, but they must be
cultivated with love and
character enrichment.  The
entire staff of The Baobab
Project (from the founders
throughout the organization)
are BALListic about
basketBALL-- just absolute
fanatics! We want EVERY
single child that we come into
contact with to be a significant
piece of our story and we sure
don't want money to deprive
us of that opportunity!
Do you have to be a member of a Baobab
Project basketball team to take
advantage of a year long training
No. But, we would be of great remiss if we
did not tell you that we would love it if you
became a member and stayed! We love
children. We love basketball. We love
Are the training programs
really available all year
Yes! .....And did we
mention, 7 days a week.
Your low monthly fee is
inclusive of
workouts! Just
contact us
and make an appointment.
It's that easy!
Is it possible to have one of
your coaches or founders
speak at an engagement?
Absolutely! Here at the
Baobab Project Organization
we love to be involved on the
court and off the court. We
would be honored to speak
at your engagement. Just
contact us and let us know
how we can serve in most
any way at a communal event.
What if my child is not "elite" can they still be a part of The
Baobab Project Organization?
It is unfortunate that you feel that way or have been told that
by a "coach".
Every single child is elite, sometimes you just have
to dig a little deeper for the next child but, "who cares-- a
diamond is still a diamond, right?" Sometimes you just have to
position it at the right angle to catch the light. Moreover, we
believe that when it comes to basketball that every child can be
elite if they are
first willing to truly commit to the training program
set forth and work hard. Don't believe us-- bring them to The
Baobab Project Organization!
Are the parents valued and truly
respected in this organization?
Geeez, is that a real question?! Our
parents are an invaluable
resource to The Baobab Project
 We pride ourselves
as an organization on making it a
responsibility to build a personal
relationship with each of our
parents, it's a part of our
commitment.  In fact, we have a
platform designed just for the
parents of our athletes to be able to
be heard! Checkout
What if I would like to make a
donation or become a sponsor?
Yes! Yes! Yes! If you'd like to become
a sponsor or give a donation we
welcome you to reach out to us!
Please contact Robin at
(c) The Baobab Project, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
What can I do to volunteer with the
Baobab Project
Organization? We are
honored! Throughout the year the Baobab
Project Organization takes great pride in
serving in our community. If you would like
to be notified about our upcoming events in
which we could use your help please
contact us by filling out our
contact form or
email us directly at
office: (816)-912-0797
office hours: 7am-6pm Mon-Fri