in the BAOBAB shade with a GAME
How Healthy is your lifestyle? Taking one line at a time, ask yourself where you would rate yourself in each
of the areas below. Share your results with a friend or family member so you both (all) can begin to
each other accountable.  Always challenge yourself in new ways in these areas to be a better all-around
individual.  When you live a life pushing to steadily take on challenges and striving to improve,
I'm sure you'll
find that it creates contagious energy that will be resourceful
to you and the people you come into contact
with.  TRY IT and share your positive results with us!!  
Lifestyle Checkup
This is a great place for you to take a few moments to assess your lifestyle habits!
Ask yourself, "where do I fall considering all of
the following areas?
It's okay if you are
somewhere in the middle, that just means you're on
the right path to being a healthier individual!

Diet/ Nutrition: I eat more healthy food or more junk

Exercise/Physical Activity: I am a gym rat or a couch

Sleeping Habits: In the morning when I wake I
typically think, "good morning world" or "geez it's

Stress/ Mental Alertness: I am more like Mr.
GrumpFish from "Bubble Guppies" or Spongebob

Overall Fitness & Energy: I am an energizer bunny
or a dead battery?
Don't get overwhelmed with do's
and don'ts. Start small and
incorporate more fruit and
vegetables on your plate.
We would love to hear from you!  Also, if there are some blog topics that you are particularly interested in
please feel free to share them with us!  We even welcome sharing positive compositions and entries from
you.  Forward all requests and entries to
wherever you currently stand
can help you
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